Hungary Hungary

Hungary is also very interesting if you are on a ride to Karpartian Mountains or to the Balkan - there are several steam engines to visit by the way:

Komarom: Crossing the hungarian border at Komarom it's not difficult to see 520.034" at the station right side at the end of the bridge over the river Donau. 520.034" is the former german 52.5126, which was build at the Upper Silesian Loco Works (OSLW) at Krenau in 1943. After World War II the engine remains in Eastern Germany, but on 9th February 1947 it was commandeered by the Russian Army and brought to the USSR. In 1963 it was sold to the Hungarian State Railway (MAV) and got the new number 520.053. Later it became the number 520.034 from a dumped sister-engine.

520.034² Komarom (03.10.97)
520.034" at Komarom.

Hatvan: Northeast from Budapest the railway-cross Hatvan is situated. There are some interesting engines to find:

442.013 Hatvan (03.10.97)   424.09 Hatvan (03.10.97)
442.013 as an monument by the station.   424.09 at the depot.
520.02 Hatvan (03.10.97)   520.075 Hatvan (03.10.97)
520.02 (ex. 520.074, ex. DRG 52.7772 ) is used as boiler for heating.   520.075 (ex. DRG 52.464).