Ukraine (April 1997)

Ukraine is worth traveling for steam-enthusiasts: Fantastic lines through mountains with bridges and viaducts, but also straight and fast lines in the low lands can be found. Many types of working steam engines are available across the land, particularly in the west. Because of the large number of engines, double headed trains with two locomotives of the same class are no problem. And there is another advance that makes worth traveling to Ukraine: The ukrainian company "Dzherelo" has a comfortable hotel train for hiring and is also organizing whole Steamtours. So you can go by train through the land without spending many thoughts on accommodation and foodstuffs...

Here is a little overview of the Russian classes:

FD20-2714 (18.04.1997)   P36-0050+SU251-86 (13.02.1995)
One of the most beautiful freight-locomotives of the world: The Russian class FD20 with its powerfull and compact design (FD20-2714 at Samschinzi).   Two remarkable Russian locomotives for passenger trains: right the thousand times built class Su and left the Star of the Russian steam engines - the class P36.
Em735-72 (14.04.1997)   LV-0062 (15.02.1995)
The most built steam engine of the world is the Russian class E. More than 13.000 eingines were running in Russia. At the picture the modernised version "Em" at the station Rachov.   A well constructed class is the class LV that was the paragon for the famous chinese QJ! (LV-0062 at the depot Gretschany).
SO17-4371 (17.02.1995)   TE-6115 (15.04.1997)
A universal class for freight trains is the class SO - a product of the pre-war time. Here you can see the oilfired SO17-4371 at Jamna.   No Russia without an engine of the german class 52! 2.500 locomotives of this type were commandeered and brought to the USSR after World War II. (TE-6115 at Jasinja)