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The Burdur-System: In the highlands in the north to the Turkish Mediterranean region between Lake Burdur in the west and the Egridir Lake in the east is developed by a number of branch lines. Starting point of this system is Karakuyu, a small station near Dinar. The baseline Karakuyu - Egridir is 80 kilometers long, branches are starting at Gümüzgün (to Burdur) and Bozanönü (to Isparta). The section Bozanönü - Egridir with it's remarkable large steel bridge at Egridir is out of service for several years now, but the remaining lines are scenic too.

Some impressions of Burdur-System convey the following photos, taken in winter 2010. Working steam locomotive was 56.548 (ex. DRB 52.7429) from the depot Usak.

The waterstation of Karakuyu.   Two Prussian G8 dumped at Dinar: 44.069 and 44.055
In the valley between Dinar and Karakuyu.   Fighting toward to the breakpoint between Dinar and Karakuyu.
Near Incesu (Karakuyu - Gümüzgün).   A small cutting near Incesu (Karakuyu - Gümüzgün).
With Kirikcayir' works in the background.   Leaving Bozanönü' junction.
With Bozanönü' village.   Sundowner near Capali (Karakuyu - Gümüzgün).