Russia Northern East-Prussia (April 1998)

Nothern East-Prussia was occupied by the Soviet Army in late autum of 1944. Because of strategic interests (ice-free port at Pillau) the country became a part of the Russian FSR, but on Soviet side it is completely surrounded by Latvian territories. At this time the fact was unimportant, but today it's the reason for the economic disease - the political relations between Russia and the Baltics are icy because of historic reasons... And so today the land is only a military base without a remarkable economic section. The destructions resulting of World War II are still present everywhere...

The former Strategic Reserves and the still existing German railway infrastructure are making it worth to travel here.

Mamonowo (Heiligenbeil) / Bagrationowsk (Pr.Eylau): The two western border-checkpoints had a lot of steam locomotives of the class TE (DRG-52) until the middle of the 90ies, but they are already cut down in the last years. Only two engines survived exported to Germany / Suisse in 1994 (TE-3644 and TE-5933)...

TE-3644   TE-5933
TE-3644 after arriving in Goerlitz (04.12.94).   TE-5933 after repair at Goerlitz Repair Shop (Loebau 24.03.95).

Schelesnidoroschni (Gerdauen): Still in 1998 a reserve consisting of 16 engines class TE could be observed here. Remarkable is TE-5483, the last standard-gauge TE in nothern East-Prussia with war-type tender class 4T30...

TE-7555   TE-5483
The long row is headed by TE-7555...   TE-5483 with tender class 4T30.
TE-3869   TE-5886
TE-3869   TE-5886