Romania (November 1999)

Covasna - Comandau: In October 1999 the bitter rumours came true: this spectacular forestry line was closed down. It was not just one of the many romanian forestry lines - it was the most interesting: The two sections of the line were separated by an inclined plane. Every section had it's own depot with it's own locomotives; locomotive exchanges between the two sublines were very seldom. The rolling stock was representing an overview of steam engines in whole Romania - from the old german construction 763.247 (Krauss Munich 1916) up to the Reghin-engines build in the middle of the 80s...

But it's all in the past now. Just the memories will remain...

763.247 (09.10.97)   N3-404 (09.10.97)
763.247 (Krauss Munich 1916) with a service train near Cumpana.   Standard gauge N3-404 (Borsig Berlin) at the saw mill in Covasna.
763.247 (29.09.1999)   763.247 (29.09.1999)
763.247 leaving Comandau.   Action scene: a cow on the track!
764.405R (01.10.98)   764.405R (01.10.98)
764.405R has just left the CFR station Covasna.   Break at the house of the chief.