Poland (April 2001)

Gryfice (Greifenberg): The large Pomeranian narrow gauge network (1000 mm) is situated in nothern Poland. From the lines with a length of more than 500 km are still existing more than 300 km, but mostly out of regular use for many years. It seems to be only a question of time until these will disappeare from the map...

The former Greifenberger Kleinbahn was founded in 1896 and had a length of 168 km. Today are only less kilometers in use, but the line Gryfice - Trzebiatow is still preserved for tourist trains in summertime. But how long? The line is in a poor conditon...

Px48-3916 in Gryfice. The station building has got new paint after more than 50 years - maybe a sign of hope...   Gryfice: Px48-3916 on 30.04.2001 with a special train to Pogorzelica, the end of the line this time.
In the forrest: Px48-3916 at junction Popiele.   Nice scenery near Rybokaty at the line to Trzebiatow.
Near Drezewo: Old trees beside the track.   From the station Niechorze is it only a short walk to seaside of the Baltic Ocean.
Station Paprotno.   Near Rybokaty.
The nice station buildings are a guarantee for good shots:
Px48-3916 at Rewal.