Burma (Myanmar) (February 2002)

Bago (Pegu): is situated 80 kilometres northbound of the capital Rangoon (Yangon). It's one of the less depots still providing steam activities. Remembering that there are only round about 200 passenger trains a day in the whole land it's no wonder why mostly one steam engine is enough to cover up all services around Bago. The only save pair of steam-trains is #169/170 Bago - Nyaungkhashe. With a lot of luck further steam engines are in use for freight trains or hauling #85/86 to Mottama.

The trains to Nyaungkhashe are mostly powered by Pacific-classes YB or YC. In February 2002 the black painted YC-629 was in service. Because of no possibility to turn the engines at Nyaungkhashe the trains leave Bago tender first. The trains are very often delayed for hours, but sometimes they also start before scheduled departure...

YC-629 waiting for next service at Bago depot.   YC-629 at the station of Bago.
"The golden Land" - one of the numberless pagodas near Bago.   Nice scenery with a lake leaving Bago.
One of the top shots is the movable bridge at Waw.   YC-629 leaving Nyaungkhashe back to Bago.
YC-629 arriving at Abya junction.   ...and again at the bridge in Waw.
The daily game: Will the train reach Bago nearly in time with a last ray of sunlight? On 9th February 2002 he did and made the photographer lucky...