Moldavia (October 2000)

Ungheni: Everywhere at the border of the former Soviet Union were Strategic Reserves existent, so here too. While the reserves were scraped in Ukraine, here they are still existing. The reserve of Ungheni still consists of some class TE (DRG-52). The engines are not only dumped - they are still in use for heating purposes!

A visit on 5th October 2000 was very difficult, because the Moldavian administration thinks that the steam locomotives are still a strategic factor. So it's no wonder why I was caught by the security immedately. In a moment of confusion I could take some less photos of two class TE locomotives, before I was brought to the police station and later to the local Securitate-office. After four hours they set me free, but I could not visit the locomotives again. So I also could not identify the engines - the numbers are so top secret that they are overpainted...

The two standard-gauge engines TE's were standing in front of the shed (chimney eastbound). One of them was under repair (preparing for heating), while a class Er was stabled nearby. If there were some other steam locomotives in or behind the shed I could not explore...

Tender   TE-???
Old tender at Ungheni...   TE-435 in front of the shed.
TE-???   TE-2394
Bad quality, but because of the circumstances interesting too: Left side of TE-435.   TE-2394.