Latvia (April 1998)

The Baltic Countries were a part of the former Soviet Union, but compared with Russia they are very different - in history, culture and also mentaly. That means for the railway enthusaist easier operations (taking photos, entrance to stations and depots, ...) without the typical reservations if you are thinking about Russia (corruption, trouble with police etc.). The beautiful landscape and the friendly people are making it worth to travel here...

Jelgava (Mitau) has a large depot with many steam locomotives. In April 1998 we found 16 engines of the class L und two of the german class 52 (Russian TE). The oilfired L-0378 was active for heating, the other engines were stabled at the area of the former Strategic Reserve. Visiting and taking photos was unconditionaly possible.

L-0378   L-1528
L-0378 is heating at the depot (07.04.98).   L-1528 is preserved for heating (07.04.98).
TE-021   TE-036
TE-021(1042.001-6) - one of the less locomotives of class TE with smoke deflectors!   TE-036 (1042.612-0)