Cuba (March 2001)

207 - G.A.Manalich: Situated in the flat lands of Havanna' province the sugar mill Gregorio Arlee Manalich has no spectacular lines, but very nice Baldwin engines and a lot of work for them. An interesting thing is the changing color of the locomotives: At the end of 90s they had light blue color, now they are maroon and black again. Manalich's special are the level crossings of the narrow gauge line with the standard gauge inside and outside of the mill...

While #1307 is watering...   ... #1351 is rolling out for work.
#1365 crosses the standard gauge FCC-line.   #1365 at the end of the first branch line.
#1365 at Jicotea loading point.   #1365 at Jicotea loading point.
With a heavy train full of sugar cane #1365 is running back to the mill.