Smederevo: The repair works of Smederevo were founded during World War I. All types of freight-, passenger- and railcars can be repaired here. Not just standard gauge cars but also narrow gauge cars from the rebuild Bosnian Narrow Gauge Line (Sargan - Mokra Gora) are here for repair. Four class 62 engines are based here for shunting. One reason for still using steam for shunting is the needed steam to check the heating devices of repaired passenger cars. 16-018 (2-4-2T, ex. MAV 275) is stabled as a monument near the entrance of the works.

On 1st September 2001 62-073 was in use while 62-107 and 62-365 were dumped. 62-088 stood freshly painted but cold in one of the sheds.

Active yard pilot: 62-073 ...   ... with new repaired passenger cars.
Dumped: 62-365 ...   ... and 62-107
After repair: freshly painted 62-088.   Monument near the entrance: 16-018.