Czech Republic (July 2004)

Mladejov: Mladejov is situated in northeast of Czech Republic near Svitavy and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape with mountains and woods. It's the starting point of a industrial narrow gauge line (600 mm, 11 km) to Hrebec, a centre of clay-mining industry. The steep gradients and many curves of the line are very impressive, but the steam-locomotives are the true highlight: These so called "Stuetztender-locos" are a special construction to make the engines able to run through the small curves a the line. Build in 20s of last century this construction was so successful, that the locomotives kept in service until the brickworks of Mladejov were closed down in 1990. In 1995 the railway museum of Brno took over the line and most of the rolling stock, so it still can be visited today. Two of the original locos are still serviceable and can be hired for special or tourist trains.

Loco #3 at the depot.   Loco #3 is shunting at the station next to the plant.
Loco #3 with the clay-ovens at the plant.   View into the tipping-hall.
Loco #3 on the hills above Mladejov.   Loco #1 at Veksl-station.
Loco #1 at the watering point near Nova Ves.   Loco #1 at the second level crossing.
Forrestry-line feeling: Loco #1 with a train of tipping cars near Nova Ves.