China China

China is the last real perfect paradies for steam-enthusiats. Nowhere else are so many steam-locomotives in daily use, nowhere else are trains with up to three engines to be seen and nowhere else are the steam-lines so spectacular...

Tangshan Steel Works: In Tangshan area are existing a lot of industrial railways, which are using many steam engines of the class SY. The largest of these railways is Tangshan Steel Works. Around 15 engines SY are in use, but also one JS (8414) is extant. On 22th February 2000 it was under repair.

SY-1582+1695 (22.02.2000)   SY-1090 (22.02.2000)
SY-1582 and SY-1695   The star: SY-1090

Tangshan Coal Mine: The old japanese coal mine is one of the less buildings, which have survived the great earthquake in 1976. Remarkable are passenger trains for the workers...

SY-0355 (23.02.2000)   SY-0955 (23.02.2000)
passenger headed by SY-0355   SY-0955 in front of the mine
SY-0955 (23.02.2000)
SY-0955 is shunting at the mine.